In order to take branding in South Africa to a new level, Orisons concepts has designed a new medium in outdoor advertising which is sure to make heads turn.


It has been estimated that apart from the web no other advertising has such an impact on consumers. Research conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) found that 105,000 people looked at an outdoor billboard for just over 3 seconds in an 8 hour period. The viewing period was 15% more on a weekend.

In order to capture this lucrative market in South Africa Orisons has secured a Mobile Advertising Trailer unlike any other in the country. Clients will be able to create a space whereby consumers can not only view but also taste, touch and truly experience the product being promoted. We will be able to create a custom display area within the trailer – permanently visible to outside traffic and passers by – which will best represent individual client needs. From clothing displays, VIP lounges, bars, showroom space, tasting areas, ticket booths, mobile clinics etc.

The possibilities are boundless. Not only are the capabilities within the vehicle multiple, so too are the demographics we could reach. This unit could be stationed anywhere from luxury shopping malls to rural areas – you dream it we can make it happen.

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